For more than 30 years, IAPMO has developed industry standards (e.g., IGCs, PSs, and TSs) to cover innovative new plumbing products not covered by existing standards. Often, new products or new technologies surge ahead far faster than most standards can keep pace. Through our industry standards, IAPMO provides manufacturers and product developers a vehicle for introducing new products to the marketplace in timely manner.

IAPMO develops and maintains standards with the following designations:

  • IGC: “IGC” is the designation used for consensus industry standards that cover products not yet addressed by existing standards.
  • IS: “IS” is the designation used for consensus industry standards that cover installation practices for plumbing products.
  • PS: Like IGCs, these consensus industry standards were also developed to cover innovative products not addressed by existing standards. All newly developed industry product standards are now designated as “IGC.”
  • TS: “TS” is the designation used for consensus industry standards that cover trailer and recreational vehicle products.

Although IAPMO industry standards have traditionally focused primarily on plumbing, in the last few years IAPMO has also developed standards for solar heating systems and components, mechanical products (e.g., heating, ventilation, cooling and refrigeration system products), and also for products used in the recreational vehicle and manufactured housing industry. A list of our current Industry Standards can be obtained here

IAPMO's industry standards are developed by stakeholders via an open consensus process, which utilizes the principles of consensus, in accordance with IAPMO Policy S-001 and IAPMO Policy S-008. Such standards are widely accepted by industry and regulators (jurisdictions). All standards are reviewed and approved by the Standards Review Committee (SRC), and periodically maintained in accordance with the IAPMO policies and procedures. Existing IAPMO Industry Standards can be proposed for revision for health and safety reasons by contacting standards@IAPMOstandards.org.

If you wish to initiate development of a new IAPMO industry standard or revise an existing one, please fill in the Standards Application Form and submit it to standards@IAPMOstandards.org.

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